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A Message About Our Work

Future Capital emerges at the intersection of consciousness and capital.

Capital in all its forms, guided by higher consciousness, is the most effective short-term force for addressing the urgent challenges facing humanity.

We have the power to shape the flow of capital and create a future which supports all members of the earthly community. Such transformation requires elevating consciousness and reprioritizing love, kindness, reciprocity, peace, liberty, and abundance for all.

We are dedicated to developing a fully operational and fully conscious global economy.

We find ourselves at a precipice. A reductionist world view has created a culture of disparity and possessiveness that threatens the future of humanity. The Future Capital initiative is focused on restoring the right relationship between consciousness and capital, as creative force and constructive resource.

Building from a foundation of higher consciousness and radical kindness, Future Capital recognizes and honors all types of capital. We are convening individuals and organizations to manifest a conscious economic model that can deliver health, well-being, and prosperity in support of mutual interdependence for all beings including the Earth.

Future Capital is a formative assembly and a call to action for a momentous collective breakthrough. We are bringing together an extraordinary cross-disciplinary blend of global leaders carefully selected for their expertise and demonstrated actions. Our goal is to amplify, cross pollinate, and create a common platform and language that will resonate across cultures, demographics, and stakeholders.

“The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals are a guide for the re-direction of a species that has lost its way. Consciousness drives each person’s actions, and capital fuels those actions. If we are to meet the United Nation’s goals by 2030, the collective efforts and impacts of consciousness and capitalism need to be recognized, merged, and intelligently transformed.”

– Lawrence Ford

The United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a guiding framework for every organization and every person working to improve the health and well-being of both people and planet.

Investors play an especially important role in directing the flow of capital for the common good. Companies are proving the business case for operations and efforts that contribute to achievement of the SDGs. Consumers vote with their dollars every single day.

Creating Conscious Economies

Our consciousness determines our perspectives, our values, and our behavior. Consciousness and capital are the two most powerful forces on earth.

Future Capital embraces the opportunity to transform human and economic systems in ways that produce unprecedented levels of long-term, widespread prosperity.

Nature produces nearly infinite coordination, sophistication, and mutual benefit. Human beings can operate within the laws of nature and produce the same results. Getting from here to there requires global systems change.

A conscious economy is a flow of resources around the core principles of mutual benefit and abundance. A conscious economy meets essential and non-essential human needs without degrading the environment or creating inequities.

Connecting consciousness and capital are essential for achieving our fullest potential. The health and well-being of future generations depends on it.

Future Capital works to change and improve the systems upon which the global economy is built.


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