Dear Future Capital Community,

In November, we came together virtually to honor Hazel Henderson, a true pioneer and advocate for positive change. We presented our second Lifetime Achievement award in her memory, celebrating her incredible contributions to consciousness, capital, and technology.

The event was a powerful reminder of our shared commitment to action-based impact work. We are proud to support many of your outstanding projects “behind the curtains.” Our dedication remains unwavering – action over mere meetings.

As we look ahead, exciting news about Future Capital awaits. Together, we will build on Hazel’s legacy and continue our mission to make the world a better place.

Join us in supporting Hazel’s work in memoriam. Let’s pioneer a brighter future together.

Warm regards,

Lawrence Ford

Chairman, Future Capital

More on Hazel:

Paying Tribute to futurist, author, and environmental leader Hazel Henderson (1933-2022): a prolific writer, Hazel authored nine books and hundreds of articles leading to what is now known as “sustainability:” the creation of the “green” economy.  Henderson is best known as a Lifelong Futurist who forecasted the need for the current transition from the fossil fuel era to the 21st century green economy worldwide in her groundbreaking book, “The Politics of the Solar Age,” (Doubleday, 1981) – the lead review in the New York Times Book Review on Sept. 13, 1981.  Her passion for the environment and her grasp of finance led her to create the Socially Responsible Investment industry single handedly. Her accomplishments were invaluable, inspiring the current environmental movement, especially in her advocacy to hold polluters accountable to the world’s stakeholders.

Conscious Capital Founder/CEO Lawrence Ford was honored with the opportunity to speak at the event that honored Hazel’s life and career in St. Augustine Florida on Friday, December 1.

Inspired in large part by Hazel’s lifetime of work, Lawrence founded the Conscious Capital companies (for-profit entities Conscious Capital Wealth Management “CCWM” and Conscious Alternative Asset Management “CAAM,” plus the non-profit entity Future Capital) to “move money for good.”